Locked & Loaded Defense is a veteran owned and operated business that aims to bring multiple aspects of handgun training to you.  Locked and Loaded Defense is owned by James Leavelle, a 20 year veteran of the United States Air Force with multiple assignments and deployments overseas. His philosophy focuses on having good situational awareness and conflict avoidance while being prepared to deploy lethal violence as a last resort.


His goal is to assist others in becoming comfortable in handling handguns while educating them on the importance of understanding the ramifications of carrying a handgun, especially if they find it necessary to use their handgun, Additionally, he wants them to know what to do in that event.  

Locked & Loaded Defense will be dedicated to providing training to prepare individuals for carrying a handgun and for providing training that assists them in obtaining their License To Carry.   |  Phone (325)450-1590   |    San Angelo, TX      |      Follow us on Facebook!