• James Leavelle

Much ado for nothing....

Well, let's give this blog thing a try! I recently was doing a little trivia research and found that at the end of 2018, there were over 1.3 million License to Carry holders and close to 4,000 instructors. Two years ago there was a lot of good debate about Texas allowing the open carry of firearms. In general, is was good debate. I find it interesting that in the two years since, I have seen on two, maybe three, occasions where someone was openly carrying. I have travelled across most of Texas in those two years have rarely seen anyone open carrying.

The lack of seeing anyone openly carrying has piqued my curiosity for what happened to all the proponents for open carry? I am sure that like most things in Texas, we don't like our rights unduly limited. Sometimes we aren't really fighting for the right as much as we are fighting for the ability to exercise that right as we might choose.

In the end, law was changed to allow open carry within specific guidelines, guaranteeing that we could exercise that right as we choose. To my knowledge, limited as it is, there have been no significant incidences involving someone legally open carrying. So it seems that all the concern may have been much ado for nothing.

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